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            วิเคราะห์ บอล ของ ตอง แปด

            Welcome to Cleardale Honey

            Your Favourite Peace Country Honey Producer
            Situated in flower rich Northern Alberta
            We are a major supplier of Honey and Beeswax

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            Delicious Clover and Alfalfa honey
            Available as Creamed or Regular packaged in:
            500 kg - 1kg - 3kg. packages and 12 kg. (30 Lb.) pails

            Canadian Honey
            Beeswax and Bee Pollen for sale
            Bee hive components for sale Canada

            Canadian Honey Producer
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            Bees wax and wax products

            We have bricks of bees wax for your wax projects
            We sell our wax in the following sizes:
            1Lb, 1/2 lb. & 45g. sizes
            The blocks below are 40 pound blocks.
            Check back for updated pricing.

            Beeswax has many purposes such as:

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            Candle making
            Canning and baking
            Bronze preservation
            Candy making
            Cracked hooves
            Wax Lubricant
            Non Toxic wood finish

            Cleardale Honey also does custom wax melting.
            Call us today!
            Bee Keepers, we also buy your wax

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            Wood Components for bee keepers

            Cleardale Honey builds wood frames & hive components for sale such as this four hive pallet. We build bee boxes.

            Please call to inquire.

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            Business Indications:

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